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The JSC Boiler Equipment Plant has gained vast experience in the manufacture of power equipment in the course of 10- years’ activity.

At present we perform complete cycle of works for the design, development, manufacture and delivery of steam and hot-water boilers, including power boilers, heat recovery steam generators, process recovery boilers, pipeline components for TPP and NPP. 

We use the advanced engineering solutions in our activities; implement the great scientific-and-technical potential and opportunities of the present day production basis.

The equipment supplied by the Company operates in the iron and steel, chemical, oil, gas, pulp and paper, glassmaking, food, processing industries, public utilities, and power engineering sector.

The unique team of qualified workers, engineers, managerial stuff, allowing solution of any tasks in the manufacture of complicated equipment, constitutes the main value of the Company. The equipment manufactured in the Plant workshops operates successfully in many industries in Russia, former Soviet republics, and abroad.   

The JSC Boiler Equipment Plant incorporates all the required subdivisions to allow the complete work cycle, namely:  


Boiler and Pipeline Productions;


The Company enlarges incessantly the product range, reduces costs at the expense of the advanced production processes, original design solutions, and cooperation with the Russia’s leading development and scientific research institutions.

You are offered our experience, vast production capabilities. We are open to cooperation.

Our goal is construction of updated and reliable power equipment.